A Different Sort of Shooting Star

I got really excited when I read this article headline: Star Shooting Intense Water Jets Into Space Spotted By Herschel Telescope (and this article, which has more details and better science: Star Found Shooting Water “Bullets”). I mean really, a star shooting WATER into the depths of space? And look at the lovely picture!

Photo credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / R. Hurt (SSC)

And since it’s such a young (100,000 years old) star… what does this mean for our body of knowledge about the life cycle of stars themselves? About the creation of life in the galaxy? I mean, my goodness, the creation of habitable worlds!

This is such exciting astronomy that I needed to go lie down for a while.

Once I was recovered from my vapors, I started pondering what this might mean for Astroarcane. If you paid close attention in Starlegacy you realized that starbeings as a race have only existed (separate of their dryad cousins) for about two thousand years. But more and more it seems a natural evolution of purpose; as the dryads tend their Trees, a symbol of life and growth and creation, starbeings tend the stars themselves, creators of life on a stellar scale! How cool! I totally planned that!

(Several characters from Starlegacy will be appearing as supporting roles in our current writing project, The Imp Wars. So mysterious, any guesses on who?)

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