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More Violet Skies!

November 9, 2011

Hope you hadn’t forgotten about the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure I’ve been writing! A new page is up!

Again, you can vote on the polls, or on Facebook, G+, Twitter, however you like! Multiple venues mean multiple votes, too. ;)


Upcoming in the Astroarcane

November 1, 2011

Greetings, space fantasy fans- just wanted to give you a brief update and also apologize for the delays in Violet Skies. I’ve had a pile of personal issues crop up in the last week including a ridiculous LARP workload (yes, writing plot is work), a crazy October ice storm, friend medical emergencies involving heavy machinery, and a lost cat. Update to come no later than tonight, after I put up another 100 or so fliers in my neighborhood. :(

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a new story up that wasn’t Violet Skies, so I wanted to give you some sneak peeks of a few things we’ve had in the works for months…

  • The Dead Ferryman: Chapters 3 and 4 are in final editing phase- look for Chapter 3 any time now!
  • The Imp Wars: We’re several chapters in to this story, but because of the nature of the way we’re working, we need to maintain a hidden backlog in case of changes. Nevertheless, expect to see Chapter 1 shortly.
  • When the Heavens Blaze Forth: An all-new story featuring Shaula and a mystery new character. This one’s a little farther out- it’s written, but needs a few passes on the ol’ edit-tron.
  • AstroRPG: We’re a few weeks away from having a working draft, for which we’ll need playtesters. Let us know if you’re interested! This has been a really fun project so far.

….and of course a dozen or more story fragments or ideas we’re chasing around. But I think that’s enough of a sneak peek for now.


Suddenly, the room faded into black.  Then, the stars began to appear before us one by one, pin-pricks of light in the deep velvet of space.  It took a few breaths for the sky to unfurl before us, stretching onward and onward in an endless spiral of stars and planets.  This alone would have been enough to take one’s breath away.But then the aurora. Beside me I heard Shaula make a small sound. Like ribbons of spiraling color, the aurora flashed before us and stretched between the stars.  It lit up the black with twists and turns of harmonious clouds.  Purples, pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, every color was represented in the turning vortex of its ever-changing vibrancy.  Occasionally, one color would spark and send reverberant ripples through the others.  It folded in on itself, constantly changing, constantly shifting.

I don’t know how long we stood there watching, silently, soaking in the sight of this… thing.  This vortex.  I became aware of how long we had been standing there when Tyse nibbled my ear with his sharp little beak.  In that moment, I Saw.

The sky was falling down upon us, the pillars crumbling.  The bits of color weren’t beauty but chaos, reaching out for someone to lay it to rest.  It was crushing us, drawing us inward, threatening to bring us with it as it twisted and turned towards its final death throe…