The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – DEEP

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page DEEP.

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Morlocks; you know almost nothing about them. You give Milo a particularly meaningful look, and he nods in understanding. “I have a few questions,” he begins, leaning closer to Khen’urgh. “Ecloghen Hold… this is where you live, beneath? Can you tell us more about… well, we just know so little about your society…”

Khen’urgh’s face grows, if it is possible, even stonier and less revealing.

“That is to say,” Milo adds hastily, “it’s not as though we’re trying to pry into…” his voice trails off.

The Morlock lurches to his feet. “Enough questions,” he rumbles.

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(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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