The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – DETECT

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU


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An intolerable interruption, indeed. In a decidedly sour mood, you flit out of your stellarium and follow the curved crystal passageway down towards the source of the annoying sound, whatever it is.

As you make your way towards… is it perhaps the landing bay?… you wonder idly what the sound could be. Could something in the mechanics of the bay doors be loose? No, that would be more of a chime than a metallic tnk. A small hail-storm of asteroid dust? No, that would be a more scattered sound, and over a greater area. Could your dinorocket Tau be trying to get your attention? No, the tetrapteryx has always been gentle and docile, and if she were in true need she’d make that raptor cry you know so well.

But all your suppositions fly out the porthole when you sweep into the bay and see what is waiting there. You are startled only for a moment by the twisted black creature; this is hardly the first time you’ve seen a darkgolem. Many wizards, Milo included, use them as foot-soldiers and occasionally as errand-boys- though pixies are more common for most types of errands.

This one, though, is clearly here on a mission. Pressed up against the crystal, it taps desperately on the glass. Evidently the atmospheric and security wards on the open bay doors are keeping it out.

You draw closer to the creature, and as it catches sight of you it wriggles madly. Wisps of inky-dark golemstuff flake off as it does, and you frown at what disrepair this creature is in. Looking that shoddy, it must have travelled far from the wizard that summoned it, or faced some sort of great danger. You light on the wall beside it and study it closely, a slight frown of concentration on your face. What shape was this thing before it began to fall apart? Suddenly, you recognize a familiar cast to its features, and without a second thought you hurl yourself out the bay doors and into the black.

This is Milo’s golem.

You flare your wings- more like astral sails, really- and round on the poor tattered darkgolem, gently extending your personal atmosphere to wrap around him. Taking the creature into your arms, you let it nestle close. “Save your strength,” you whisper softly, “tell me your message.” For there is no doubt in your mind that this is why the creature has come. “What has my starpartner done now?”

At the word starpartner, the creature lets out a great sigh, and for a heart-stopping moment you wonder if its enchantments have fallen apart. But then your heart starts again, as it speaks.

“Shaula,” Milo’s voice sounds weary and not a little desperate. “I hope to Void that a couple of these guys break through and make it to you. I don’t know what I’ll do if… Shaula, I’m being taken by… I think they’re Order of Venom. I don’t know why. They planned this really well. One of them said something about an orbital cell, the other about Pa’Rill. I don’t know why…”

Milo’s voice vanishes as the darkgolem in your arm begins to dissipate, the last of its strength used up. With a sigh, you release the remains out into the black, absently brushing off your arms.

So. Some Order of Venom wizards decided to kidnap your best friend and partner. This should be interesting, you think to yourself, stretching your wings again and sailing back in the bay doors.

Minutes later, you’re readying Tau, slinging her harness on and testing the runic boosters on her rocketry. She makes an excited sort of chirrup sound, pleased to be heading out on an adventure. “I feel the same,” you murmur to her, patting her flank gently.

But where, you ask yourself, is it that you’re going? You do know where Pa’Rill is; a small border planet without an Astral Gate of its own, you’ll have to hop to Alshain or one of the other Core Ten planets to get to it. But you don’t actually know that much about it; you’ve heard the planet was declared uninhabitable due to… storms, was it? Something unstable in the ecosystem. You can’t be expected to remember every little thing about planetary matters; you are a starbeing, and your place is in the black of space, orbiting your homestar and singing its song.

You could go instead to Deepsight Tower, home of Milo and the rest of the Order of Paragon. You have many friends there; and there may be further clues.

Choose one:

There is simply no time to waste. Milo is in danger, and may be dying even now. You must go directly to Pa’Rill. (Turn to page SAVIOR)

You just have to know more. Maybe someone or something at Deepsight can help you.  (Turn to page LEARNED)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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