The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – DRAKE

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

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There’s no time to think, and nowhere to run that this thing can’t follow you. And you’re angry, burning-angry, a hot molten sort that will not be quick to cool.

You step up just as it crests the stairs and hammer it with a starforce.

You manage to catch it mid-step and off balance, and the golem goes flying, tumbling down the stairs with a loud clang and clatter. You peer down the stairs after it and see it starting to pull itself together and rise once more; it spots you and slashes out with one arm.

Crack! A lash of searing light whizzes past you- the golem, you note, has a laser whip built into its arms. Well, you’ve got one too, in a thigh holster; but you have something else, something far stronger. You feel your eyes start to spin, going all black as indignant fury rises up inside your core.

A laser whip? At YOU? You let loose with your plasmabeams once more, drowning the golem in a river of blue-hot destruction.

When the roar and light fades, the golem is in pieces, and the way is free once more. You take a moment to catch your breath, consider your options; and as you do, you hear a faint clanging sound that seems to come from a lower level. You’ve barely registered the sound before you’re moving, dashing down the steps and leaping over the slagged bits of construct and bursting out onto the lower level.

The sound is louder here; and you can hear the clomping of more golems, from multiple directions. It doesn’t matter; only getting Milo out. You dash down the hallways, following the clanging to its source.

It’s a cell like any other: thick reinforced doors, small runeglass window slit. But unlike the others, which have all been empty, this window frames a familiar face. Wild mop of hair, several days stubble on his chin, scuffed and torn robes; your partner and best friend, Milo Pulsar.

He yells something at you, but you can’t make out the words through the thick door. You gesture for him to stand to one side; he blinks in momentary confusion. His confusion clears though as he watches your eyes go dark, and he hastens to throw himself aside. Another lance of blue-hot anger; another shattered obstacle. You shove your way through the smoking crater and find yourself suddenly pinned in a great bear-hug.

“Void and Black, it’s good to see you, Shaula!” Milo exclaims. “I’m so glad the message got through.”

“Barely,” you murmur into his sleeve.

He gives you another squeeze- an indignity you tolerate only because it’s him- and releases you. “We need to move now, and fast. Do you have Androsus?”

You raise an eyebrow. “No, just Tau, why would I have your dinorocket?”

He swears. “Well, we’ll have to make do. I can boost her strength if I can get a chance to restore my Mana, but they took my Tome and… well, all of my gear, did you see it on your way in?”

You shake your head. “I didn’t exactly use the front door.”

His mouth twists into a half-grin. “That’s my partner,” he says approvingly. “Here, hand me your laser whip, and let’s go get it back.”

You hand over your laser whip and ponder the best way to do that. From the sounds echoing in to this chamber, there are at least a half-dozen golems coming your way in the hallways. The one you faced went down pretty fast, but you had caught it by surprise; it’s hard to judge how strong they really are.

There’s also the option of leaving the way you entered. These cells are strong enough to hold a Wizard; but are they strong enough to stand up to your plasmabeams?

Choose one:

Six golems are no match for the two of you: you’ve faced imps, a dragon, and even politics. Fight your way back through the halls! (Turn to page ELEMENTAL)

Why fight these things if you don’t have to? You have your partner, now get out of there. Blast your way through the walls and into the welcoming black. (Turn to page ETHERAL)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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