The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – IMP

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page IMP.

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There’s no time to think, and no way you want to face this thing head on. You swallow down your molten anger and duck into an alcove to let the golem clank past. You study it carefully as it does so, making note of the various runes carved into its body. You are surprised to realize you recognize a few of them: binding runes, and elemental ones as well.

If this is an elemental golem… well, that makes it far more dangerous than previously guessed.

You wait for it to clank around the corner and hurry down the stairs; somewhere down there, you can hear a faint clanging noise. You wind your way through the corridors, listening carefully and occasionally ducking into hiding as more elemental golems stride past.

The large number of golems on this floor decides it for you: this must be the level Milo is on. Hall by hall, you creep closer to the sound, until finally, you’ve reached the cell.

You peer in through the runeglass porthole and find yourself suddenly face to face with a familiar tall, dishevelled figure. “Milo,” you whisper, and smile.

His face- screwed up in anger- breaks suddenly into a sunny grin. “Shaula,” he replies; you can’t hear his words, but you know the shape of your name.

You stand there grinning at each other like novices for a good long moment before you remember why you’re here. “How do I get you out?” you mouth silently.

“Can you…”  Milo mouths something you can’t quite make out. “…the lock?” He looks at you  hopefully; you frown and cup a hand to your ear. “Star-force the lock,” he repeats, slower, and makes a shoving gesture.

You take a look at the lock; it’s a mess of squiggly runes. “Runes,” you mouth back helplessly.

“Show me,” he mouths.

You ponder for a moment before you arrive on an avenue to do that. Then you lean forward and breathe onto the runeglass; trace your finger through the fog in runic patterns. Milo follows your gestures closely, and you see him thinking hard. After a moment’s thought, he makes a gestured suggestion; you nod, and follow his pattern. The runes shift under your finger, presenting a new pattern.

It takes a few minutes and a few more tries, but finally the door to the cell swings open and you find yourself suddenly pinned in a great bear-hug.

“Void and Black, it’s good to see you, Shaula!” Milo exclaims. “I take it the message got through, then?”

“Barely,” you murmur into his sleeve.

He gives you another squeeze- an indignity you tolerate only because it’s him- and releases you. “So, how about we get out of here?”

You smile tolerantly. “That sounds good. Though, Tau is about out of Mana, so getting home is going to be tricky…”

He swears. “Well, we’ll have to make do. I can boost her strength if I can get a chance to restore my Mana, but they took my Tome and… well, all of my gear, did you see it on your way in?”

You shake your head. “I didn’t exactly use the front door.”

His mouth twists into a half-grin. “That’s my partner,” he says approvingly. “Here, let me borrow your laser whip, and we’ll get it all back.”

You hand over your laser whip and ponder the best way to do that. There are still a few of the elemental constructs wandering the halls, and you’re not too excited about meeting them in battle; but you and Milo might be able to just slip past them. Maybe.

There’s also the option of leaving the way you entered. These cells are strong enough to hold a Wizard; but are they strong enough to stand up to your plasmabeams?

Choose one:

Milo’s not particularly stealthy, but you think he can manage. Best to sneak up and out, keep things low-key. (Turn to page SARGAS.)

As soon as they find that breach in the wall, they’re going to know you’re here; stealth is of limited use from here on out. Best to get out as quick as possible, and circle back for the gear. (Turn to page ALSHAIN.)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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