The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – MINOTAUR

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

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“Kicking the door in,” you agree with a sigh.

Milo grins broadly and cracks his knuckles. “A week in that cell… I’m ready.”

You stifle a dismayed groan and ready yourself as Milo crouches. His foot cracks out, connecting solidly just below the doorknob, and you aid with a violent burst of starforce. Between the combined efforts, the door smashes open, the lock in splinters, and the two of you tumble into the room.

Standing beside a dull metal desk is a stone-faced, but somehow very surprised Wizard in a deep grey robe sashed with green. Order of Venom, you wonder to yourself as Milo cracks your laser whip. A searing bolt of energy smashes the Wizard into the wall, and he crumples to the floor, singed and unconscious.

But while the Wizard might not have been a fast thinker, but his apprentice was; a tall and lanky man steps out of the shadows behind Milo, a metal-shod chair over his head, ready to bash your unsuspecting partner’s head in.

“I don’t think so,” you say calmly, and shove out with starforce. The chair flies from the apprentice’s hands and clangs against the wall; Milo whirls in surprise and lands a fist on the newcomer’s jaw.

A brief tussle later, and it’s all over. Milo is hardly a heavyweight when it comes to straight brawling, but he’s definitely more practiced than most Wizards. You bend your will to securing the prisoners with a length of rope while Milo scours the room for the Tome and gear.

“I’ve got it!” he exclaims happily, holding up a pile of belts and dangling scabbards. “Shaula, I found it!”

“I see this,” you smile, tying the last knot. “Everything there?”

He wraps the belts around his waist with the ease of long familiarity: laser whip on the left hip, wand on the right, pouches settled against his back and sides. He picks up his Tome last, caressing the leather of the cover gently. “All here,” he says contentedly. “So, let’s see; I want to bring in these Wizards, but we won’t all fit on Tau. Where’s Androsus?”

“At Deepsight, I would imagine,” you blink. “Why would I know?”

Milo shrugs. “I just assumed… so a quick hop back to Deepsight, grab a few things and come back with Andry for the rest.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you agree. “You have enough Mana in the Tome to get us back? Tau doesn’t have a lot left.”

He spreads his fingers over the Tome and closes her eyes; then nods. “Yes, I have enough. And I have a few Elixirs with Andry’s tack. We’ll be fine.”

“This system has some unstable Mana fluctuations,” you warn, remembering what you’d learned.

He grunts in acknowledgement. “We’ll work it,” he replies indifferently, and you shrug and accept it.

Minutes later, you’re clambering back onto Tau behind Milo. She’s not really sized for two, but you and Milo don’t mind being a bit cramped for the little while it will take.

“Ready, Blue?” Milo asks, half-turning to look at you and elbowing you in the ribs.

“Oof,” you grunt. “Milo, you are the boniest human… yes, I’m ready.”

“Sorry. Okay, here goes.”

Tau lifts off, and the three of you sail into the welcoming black. A few minutes later, you’re far enough from the barge for Milo to summon up the Runes of Gating.

“Hold on,” he cautions you as he begins the process of opening the Gate to Deepsight.

You wait patiently; Milo has done this a hundred times before at least. The invocations are familiar, and you find yourself relaxing. He’s free; you’re both free and alive, and soon you’ll be home.

“Uh oh.”

Your heart leaps in your chest. “Uh oh?” you ask mildly. “What’s wrong, my friend?”

“Um,” he manages, before the world turns upside down.

Streams of mana burst into color and light around you; Tau screams as her runic guidance systems fire wildly. You grab onto Milo tightly, hands white with tension as you cling for dear life.

“Unstable mana fluctuations!” he shouts.

“I know!” you manage back, before it’s too loud to hear yourself think.

The planet looms huge before you; the air is suddenly filled with fire as the atmosphere lights. “Milo, are we crashing?” you yell.

He can’t hear you, but he knows what you’re asking. He yells something back; you wrap your arms around his waist and hold on as best you can.

A hectic lifetime of minutes later, you’re sprawled on the jungle floor, broken branches and foliage strewn around you. Milo groans next to you, rubbing his forehead; Tau cries out weakly and struggles, but one of her wings is clearly broken. “Hush, hush,” you soothe her, laying your hands gently on her head.

“Shaula,” Milo sighs. “This… isn’t too good, huh?”

You turn back to him; he’s got leaves in his hair and his robes are filthy with dirt and sweat. “No,” you reply sadly. “Not very good, no.”

Choose one:

You’re going to need to know where you are. Climb up a tree to scout around. (Turn to page WISDOM.)

You need to address Tau’s wounds first; and your own and Milo’s for that matter. Medicine now, scouting later. (Turn to page MERCY.)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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