The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – RUNE

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page RUNE.

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“I have a feeling this is going to be a long one,” you say grimly, and Milo nods wearily.

“Tau’s a bit large for my Levitation Wand,” Milo says after a thoughtful moment, “but I might be able to help her with the wing. Get a little weight off it, at least.”

You feel a smile threatening to take over your face. You shoot your partner a sidelong glance, thanking him with your eyes. He grins back at you and fishes out the wand.

With you urging her forward with soothing words, and Milo helping hold up her wing, Tau manages to hobble along, and the three of you trudge slowly up the hillside. Overhead, the clouds gather, and Pa’Rill slowly grows darker and darker.

“How much farther?” Milo calls. In the dark, his face looks even paler, and you remind yourself that he has lost blood.

“Not much,” you reassure him. “The caves start soon, and we should be able to find something…”

“Shaula!” Milo interrupts you wildly, drawing his laser whip. “Behind you!”

You whirl, and an errant beam of light escapes the clouds above to illuminate a lone triceratops gazing up at you, a half-chewed mouthful of grass dangling from its lip. You freeze in place, arms low and unthreatening; but the trike is far from soothed. It bellows at you and paws the ground, ready to charge.

“Milo,” you call, your voice high with anxiety. “Milo, what do we do?”

“Uh, do you think you can take on a triceratops right now?” Milo sounds as unsure as you feel.

Time to make a decision.

Choose one:

Oh void no! This is not a good fight to be in: Tau’s wounded, and the storm’s coming in. Best to run, and get to safety. (Turn to page PLASMA.)

Tau can’t flee this thing, limping along as she is. And if it gores her down, you’ve got no way off this planet. Like it or not, you have to fight. Somehow. (Turn to page BEAM.)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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