The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – SAVIOR

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU


You are on page SAVIOR.

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Preparation is a luxury you’ve had to forgo before, and you suppose you’ll have to forgo it now. Touching base with the Order of Paragon will simply take too much time… and there’s no telling how long ago Milo dispatched the darkgolem.

(You will freely admit it: there are times when you don’t quite think reasonably when someone threatens that wizard. But then, he’s the only family you have.)

“Alshain,” you murmur to yourself as you lead Tau up into the landing bay, and shudder. All of the Core Ten planets are crowded and noisy, packed with inhabitants rushing about madly. The pinnacle of society, they say; the jewel of the Galaxy. You suppose it’s pretty enough, for a planet, but between the crowds and the politics, it’s decidedly not to your taste. And you did recently threaten to burn half of it down… ah, well, you’re unlikely to run into the Duchess Semanya at the Astral Gate Ring.

“Here we go, Tau,” you mutter, clambering onto the tetrapteryx’s wide back and strapping yourself into the harness. You brush your fingers over a number of the runes set in her four feathery wings, activating the atmospheric and temperature shields and starting her rockets. The whole complex shivers as you and Tau launch yourselves out into the black of space.

A suitable distance away from your home, you trace the runes for Alshain. Hm, starting to run a bit low on Mana; you have enough for this expedition, but will have to get Milo’s help afterwards. After you save him, that is.

Tau folds her wings as the rune flashes bright, and in a split second  you are hurled halfway across the galaxy to the Alshain system, emerging into a clog of barge and skimmer traffic around the system’s four Astral Gate rings.

A few delicate maneuvers later and you’re waiting in line for your turn to access the Rings again. You use the time to call up the coordinates for Pa’Rill; what you find makes you frown.

Pa’Rill, you read, has an unstable flow of mana, for reasons unknown. This Ring can get you there, but some quick mental mathematics tells you that it’s likely that Tau’s Mana reserves will be too low once you arrive to get you back out. Which won’t be a problem once you have Milo; and in the worst case, you could channel a little Star-energy into the drive. Not good for it in the long run, but you could probably make it work.


You shake your head suddenly. None of that matters. You’re going to Pa’Rill, and that’s that.

Still two more barges ahead of you in the queue. You gaze idly at the traffic around you; unsurprisingly, most of them are staring at you. You’re the only dinorocket-rider in the skies as far as you can see; and you’re almost certainly the only starbeing on Alshain. Likely the only one most of these people have ever seen.

Ah,  your turn at last; you cast the runes for Pa’Rill at the Astral Gate Ring, and it glows in acceptance. Tau knows what to do; with a screech, she launches you both through the Ring, and once again you’re hurtling across the galaxy.

You snap into existence above Pa’Rill. It’s a smallish planet, which you already knew, and stormblown; clouds spin across nearly half the surface, grey and ugly. Speckles of red-brown and green-blue spot the remaining, all with a faint purplish haze to it. The star here is young; a ruddy gold of good size. Too young to quite have awoken to consciousness yet, though; you’ll get no information that way.

You scan the orbit. Nothing in site, but that’s not saying much; there’s plenty of area you can’t see. And there’s the entire planet itself, of course. You hesitate, suddenly struck with indecision.

Choose one:

You suppose you’ll start by searching the skies for anything else in orbit here. (Turn to page LASER)

It’s the planet that’s the more promising. You’ll find a likely place to land and start scouting on foot. (Turn to page WHIP)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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