The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – SPARTA

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page SPARTA.

(Return to page ROCKET)

The port holes, yes, that’s the way of it… it’s speed you  need here. The faster you’re in and out, the safer you and Milo will be, in the end. For lack of any other point of reference, you choose a porthole somewhat near the guttering flare of heat and light pouring out of one of the Mana vents- Milo’s handiwork, you assume.

A glance in shows the hallway empty; you spend a few minutes watching, but don’t see a single person. Steeling yourself up, you nudge Tau a safe distance away and close your eyes, drawing in a deep breath.

They have taken Milo.

It normally takes a lot to make you angry. As a starbeing, you’re level-headed, slow to anger- but slow to cool, as well. There are very, very few things in the galaxy that can make you see red.

Hurting your family is one of them.

Hot anger wells up inside you, and you can feel your eyes starting to spin, turning black as your core temperature surges upwards. The pressure begins to build in your skull: wild, unchecked fury burning star-hot, a rage that can and has seared flesh from the bone, scorched bone into dust, knocked down stone walls…

You open your eyes and let the black spill out.

A scorching-hot beam of plasma shoots from your eyes and slams into the side of the prison  barge. Tau, well trained, holds still as the world is turned to glaring light and unstoppable sound and fire.

When your vision returns, half the hallway’s wall is a smoking hole, and bits of rubble float freely. Good runic defenses, you idly note; it should have been the entire wall.

You have no trouble flitting inside. The atmosphere and gravity generators seem to still be in effect, though; as soon as you cross the boundary where the wall once stood you drop to the floor under the sudden rush of gravity. You furl your wings, making a face, and hurry down the hallway.

(Strangely, despite the loudly chiming alarm, there seems to be no one guarding these passageways.)

You hurry down the passageway, peering through the runeglass windows on each cell door. Nothing, nothing, nothing… are you even in the right prison barge? How many orbital cells could there possibly be, though, over the skies of Pa’Rill?

You come suddenly to a juncture in the hallway where two passageways meet at the head of a set of stairs. Clanking up that set of stairs is a hefty-looking iron golem, evidently responding to the distress call.

You have only a bare moment to decide what to do.  You could act aggressively, take the creature out now before it notices you… but it’s hard to say what kind of defensive capabalities the construct has. Maybe it’s better to hide and let it pass.

Choose one:

You’ve only got one shot at this: punch it back down those stairs with a blast of starforce! (Turn to page DRAKE).

You don’t like the look of those runes on its armor. Duck into a shadowed alcove and let it pass. (Turn to page IMP).

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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