The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – STORM

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

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“What I’d like to know,” you glance thoughtfully at the roof of the cavern, “is what’s wrong with the weather on this planet.”

You can hear the storm picking up, outside the cave; and you shudder as the faint sounds of starlight are drowned out by cloud cover. This planet just got a step more dangerous- for you, at least. But with all luck, you’ll be off it soon enough to not be too bothered.

Khen’urgh’s brows wrinkle as he considers your question. “Wrong?” he echoes. “What makes above-weather wrong?”

Milo shoots you a sidelong glance. “Kenny, has it always been this way? The rain, the storms; how you can never see the sky?”

Khen’urgh gives Milo a  blank look. “Morlocks do not care to see the sky,” he says dryly. “But some young ones always dare… hmm. No, I think perhaps it was not always so. In my youth, no, there was cool dry night air, singing night-birds… but no more.” He scowls. “Another problem to lay at Vortaegh’s door.”

“Strange weather patterns, strange mana fluctuations,” Milo muses. “Shaula, are you thinking…”

You give him a long thoughtful look. “Mm. Too soon to say, but perhaps.”

Kenny- Khen’Urgh, you correct yourself- looks at  you both strangely.

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(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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