The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – TROUGH

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page TROUGH.

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“Maybe we should be seeking Vortaegh out,” Milo muses.

You shake your head. “Not until we know more. And, Milo… when are we ever going to have this opportunity again?” Your lips twist in a half-grin.

“It’s true, it’s so true,” he admits, smiling widely. “All right, Kenny, let me just set a few more wards for the tetra,” he nods at Tau, “and then we will be right along.”

Khen’urgh’s brow furrows as he watches Milo cast the the Runic magics. “You will not do that,” he rumbles, “in Ecloghen Hold.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Is there a problem with…”

“Too much magic draws Vortaegh’s eyes.” Khen’urgh’s face is stone. “None is permitted within our walls.”

Milo says nothing, but you can see the thoughts racing across his face. And wordless, the two of you heft your packs and follow the Morlock down the tunnels.

Down and down, winding around and around. The walls press around you; and despite their being plenty of air, you cannot but help feel as though you can’t breathe.

“Relax, Shaula,” Milo mutters, touching your hand on the stone wall reassuringly. “I’ve got enough mana to bore a hole through the roof for you.”

The words are absurd, but they reassure you. You shake your head and continue on.

A few hundred feet later, the tunnel opens up in front of you to a broad cave perhaps a mile across. Ecloghen Hold- for it can be no other- sprawls across it, taking up the bulk of the space before you. Your eyes, only partially adjusted to the dark, can pick out only the outline of strong walls with broad turrets every hundred or so feet.

Khen’urgh turns on his heel and glares at you and Milo fiercely; you take a half step back without meaning to. “Ecloghen is ruled by a law of stone,” he grates. “There is no exception for visitors. You upset my hold-cousins…” his voice trails off, and he shakes his head. “Not good.”

You exchange a glance with Milo. “Last chance,” he whispers.

Choose one:

This is madness. How can you expect your partner to not offend even a single resident of Ecloghen Hold? You’ve got to turn back to the surface. (Turn to page RETREAT.)

You’ve been through worse than this- much worse. There is still much to learn in the stony hold. (Turn to page DIPLOMACY.)

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(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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