The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – WISDOM

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

You are on page WISDOM.

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First things first; you need to figure out if you’re safe here. You watch Milo pull himself slowly to his feet; he’s pale and blood-smeared, but seems to be steady for now. “Milo,” you call softly, “can you put me up?” You gesture to the trees.

He blinks, but then gets it. “Oh, good idea,” he agrees, and reaches for his Tome.

A moment later, you’re soaring towards the treetops, grasping vines securely snugged around your waist. You take a moment to orient yourself once you reach the top, steadying yourself on the slender trunk and setting your feet firmly on a branch. Then you lift your gaze to the landscape around you.

You’ve landed yourself on the edge of a mountain of sorts; not particularly steep, but of a good size. A half a mile or so uphill from you, the terrain turns to a rocky cliffside, studded with small caves. Beyond the cliffs, the mountain rises high against the violet skies. Downhill, the spiky bluish trees thicken, with occasional stands of bright red flowering trees of some sort. Far in the distance, almost at the edge of your vision, is a large body of water; you can’t tell if it’s an ocean or lake.

You also note with worry that a nasty-looking storm is rolling in from the lowlands; thick, purplish-grey clouds stacked high and looking quite ominous. They billow even higher as you watch them, and lightning flickers menacingly.

“Down,” you command the vines, and they obligingly lower you back to the forest floor, where you find Milo tending to Tau. He’s evidently set and begun splinting her broken wing while you were scouting; he has a neat hand with such things. The tetrapteryx looks fairly unhappy, laying limp and disheveled with her head in Milo’s lap.

“How’s it look up there, starprincess?” Milo doesn’t look up, stroking Tau’s feathered head.

“Not good,” you reply, and fill him in on what you’ve seen.

Milo chews his lip thoughtfully. “We need to get shelter,” he concludes. “Well, I mean, obviously. But which way do you think is our best bet? Maybe make for one of those caves, or should we rig up a lean-to here?”

Tau caws weakly, twitching her poor broken wing; you hasten to aid Milo in splinting the break as you contemplate your options.

Choose one:

Tau’s not going anywhere fast, and you’re going to need her in good health if you want to escape this planet. Best to rig something up here. (Turn to page GLYPH.)

From orbit it looked like this planet was one big storm; this might last a good while. Better to seek out the superior shelter in one of those caves, even if it’s a bit of a haul for the poor dinorocket. (Turn to page RUNE.)

(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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