The Violet Skies of Pa’Rill – MANA

An Interactive Adventure

Starring Milo Pulsar, Shaula Bluestar, and YOU

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“Bad for Wizards?” you ask slowly. “Lowdweller Hornfel, what exactly do you mean by that?”

He frowns at you and shakes his head slowly. “Like you say. The Mana is bad. Probably because of Vortaegh. He is greedy, always wants more magic. Eats it up. Would probably eat you up.” He eyes Milo. “Either of you.”

“Who is Vortaegh?” Milo asks, more intrigued than nervous at the possibility of being eaten.

The Morlock shrugs. “Bad magic. Foreman of this planet.”

You exchange a glance with Milo. “Foreman? Is your spell…”

Milo rolls his eyes. “It’s translating as best as it can. Head of a mine? King, I guess?”

You turn back to Khen’urgh. “So, Vortaegh is a Morlock?” you ask.

He makes a sour face. “Of course not. Vortaegh is Vortaegh,” he gestures high above his head. “He lives above. We stay out of his way mostly. He doesn’t come below often; too busy on the surface.”

You look at Milo; he shrugs. “So when you say he’d eat us…” Milo asks hesitantly.

“You have magic. He wants magic, always. More and more. Why Ecloghen Hold uses as little as possible.” Khen’urgh pounds his energy lance on the cavern floor. “Tech only. Gadgets and smarts. No magic. Or he would come and take it.”

“Interesting,” Milo mutters. “Very interesting.”

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(What is this madness,  you ask? Read this blog post for more information.)

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