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Steph Tyll! has been watching the night sky since she was very small and writing stories since she was even smaller, with her first self-published work of fiction at age 5 receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim from the Panel of Mom. A hopeless daydreamer, there’s nothing she loves more than combining pairs of things that don’t, at first glance, appear to go together. Like space opera and high fantasy.

When she’s not laboring at her day job or plotting out the adventures of wizard and star, Steph likes to engage in gaming of pretty much all sorts, from tabletop and board games to video games and LARPing. She lives in the Boston area with cats and friends alike.

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Another author!

Brian Paul! is an Improv Comic, Aspiring Scientist, and Indie RPG Enthusiast.  Brian has been creating overdeveloped imaginary worlds since he was a child.  Brian is a New Hampshire native, and recently quit his job to return to school full-time. You can see Brian with a cheeseburger on his head in Odd Noggin Land, a surreal musical web series that won a Best of New Hampshire Award in 2009.

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